SPANISH CONTEMPORARY ART. GALLERY is an online art gallery specialized in fine art exclusively performed by contemporary Spanish artists. We work with both established artists and emerging talents, who for their uniqueness and quality deserve to be in our gallery.

In adittion to selling painting, sculpture, photography and video art, SPANISH CONTEMPORARY ART. GALLERY is also an international digital platform created to internationally promote artists we represent with an exclusivity contract. Our idea is making known creators from both, the artistic point of view as well as the human one, and being a real spokesperson for protagonists of Art: Artists.

Also, we want to show other key players of Spanish Contemporary Art, such as museums, alternative art spaces, Foundations, Fairs, Exhibitions and Artists that, although not part of our gallery, deserve a promotion for the quality of their creations.


Our team




Jose Martinez – Managing Director


Daniel Domínguez – Management Assistant


Pedro Duran – Computer Programmer


Maria Garcia – Graphic Designer


Oscar Espin – Sound and Image Engineer

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Sanchez – Translator


Fabio Martinez –  Artwork Packaging Engineer


J.Ginés Martínez – Artwork Packaging Engineer


Our philosophy

The fundamental philosophy of SPANISH CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY is to promote Spanish Contemporary Art outside our borders and to secure access to the purchase of their artworks anywhere in the world.

SPANISH CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY specializes in the sale of artworks both to private customers ,as well as art galleries, collectors , art dealers , museums, private corporations , foundations and cultural institutions. We also participate in the exhibition of works by artists exclusively represented  in Galleries interested in exhibition and sale in the following Countries: United Kingdom , France, Germany, Italy, Sweden , Norway , Denmark, Finland, Russia , India , China, Japan, Australia, United States of America, and Canada.

On an artistic level , we select and incorporate creators from various disciplines, styles and plastic tendencies, expressing in his works the millennial cultural background of Spain . Sediments accumulated over time in the mind and sensibility of contemporary Spanish artists from the cave paintings of Altamira, 40,000 years ago, through Prehistoric, Phoenician , Greek, Roman, Arab, Jewish, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern art. Artists influenced by artistic geniuses like Zurbaran, El Greco, Velazquez , Goya, Picasso , Miro, Tapies… as well as by the many museums scattered throughout Spain, whether they are historical like El Prado or avant-garde like the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

On a human side, we consider our artists represented, not as a number in a list in which only his works and curricular references appear , but as friends with whom we have a close personal relationship . In SPANISH CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY, we meet creators working in their studios, see how they create and how they develop their artistic sense, and we know their personal and creative concerns. That is the very same culture of mutual trust we built with our clients when acquiring artworks in our gallery.




This relationship between the gallery and the artists makes possible our fundamental Philosophy; our catalog includes only original work, extraordinary and singular pieces of art. for this reason we have not numbered editions , reproductions or copies but. Unique creations validated by the signature of artists in a formal CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY  which accompanies each work.