Mikel Zabalza Laurnaga

Irun / Guipuzcoa / Spain/ Born 1973


The Turbines

 Turbine, the Cat poet, partner of Mikel study


Mikel creates pictorial ambiences where characters are integrated in different situations  through the use of collage technique:

Ironic , melancholic , enjoyable , tense , poetic spaces which are sometimes greater than its own characters.



Graduated from the Country Basque University

Certificate of honor in painting and drawing subjects

Erasmus grant in Sheffield 1997

Hondarribia´s county council grant in 1998

Guipuzcoa´s county council grant in 1999

From the 2000 year, he has been making exhibitions in alternative art circuit at Barcelona, Ibiza and Basque Country.


He has also shown his pictures in several art galleries as :

C.M Gallery – Hondarribia

Addaya Gallery – Palma de Mallorca

Groc art Gallery – Barcelona

Art Zero Gallery – Barcelona

Can Daifa Gallery – Ibiza

Proyecto Arte Gallery – Madrid

Arana-Poveda Gallery – Madrid. With this gallery taking part in international art fair of Paris, Bruselas and London.

Art-Zandra Gallery – Sweden


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