Miwako Yamaguchi

Gifu / Japan / Born 1947




She was born in 1947 in Gifu, a city near Nagoya in central Japan, where she studied at the Institute of Art. In 1969, she graduated in Fine Arts at Musashino University in Tokyo. She has lived in Spain since 1971 and in Murcia since 1976.

In 1985, she was given a scholarship by the Ministry of Industry and Energy to study Textile Design and in 1987 she was awarded the third prize at the III National Competition in Arts and Crafs Design. Since then, she has continued her artistic career and has exhibited in important art galleries in Murcia, Toledo, Madrid, Castellón, Japan, Paris and Florence.

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Miwako Yamaguchi’s work is full of color, thought and scenes of the artist’s everyday life.

In her “Kiiro” series, which means yellow in Japanese, she includes works based on this color, with an intensity ranging from the darkest yellows, almost black, to the brightest yellows. All of them under themes of her everyday life, such as still lifes, portraits of her mother, hands working on writing, or household items. The special feature of her painting is that a color which is difficult to deal with from the artistic point of view ends up producing a sense of harmony in the viewer.

In her series “The Place of Absence”, she continues portraying aspects of her everyday life. In this series the artist seems to move between two concepts. The concept of place is represented by empty chairs which reflect the feeling of loss and absence; they are places that exist in her memory. The other concept is represented by her own body, by her feet, which are always shown in the background, as if apart from life. Thus the artist becomes a spectator of her own existence; everything happens without a glimpse of any intention of becoming involved, indifference to a daily life which seems prescribed in every detail.

In “Eating and Living”, her free graphic expression and torn strokes of blue and orange define culinary objects rooted in her Japanese culture, always with the presence of hands that are now shown in the foreground, as if becoming conductors of the composition.




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Solo exhibitions 

2013 / Pedro Cano Foundation / Blanca, Murcia, Spain

2010 / Gallery Aitana / Burriana, Castellón, Spain

2010 / Gallery Perga / Albacete, Spain

2009 / Gallery Aitana / Burriana, Castellón, Spain

2007 / ART DC / Washington, USA

2005 / Gallery Art Nueve / Murcia, Spain

2003 / Arts Centre / Ceutí, Murcia, Spain

2002 / Gallery Efe Serrano / Murcia, Spain

2001 / Hall from Autumn / Paris, France & Florence, Italy

2000 / Gallery Art Nueve / Murcia, Spain

1998 / Gallery Tolmo / Toledo, Spain

1997 / Gallery Harajiku / Tokyo, Japan

1996 / Gallery Florence 21 / Gifu, Japan

1995 / Gallery Chys / Murcia, Spain

1974 / Province Museum of Gifu / Japan

1971 / Gallery Futaba / Nagoya,  Japan



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