Pepe Yagües

Molina de Segura/ Murcia / Spain / Born 1968




Pepe Yagues, sculptor and engraver, lives and works in the  country space of Los Conejos, in Molina de Segura, Murcia. He began his studies in the School of Arts and Cratts in Murcia, in 1985 and then continued in 1987, in the Fine Arts Faculty in Granada. He obtained a degree in Tecniques of Engraving and Printing from the Faculty of Valencia in 1992.

The first years of his artistic activity were dedicated to engraving, gaining many awards. He’s done various solo exhibitions in Murcia, Valencia, Madrid (in the last editions of Arco), Brussels, Paris, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Weimar, etc. with recognition from the specialized critics. Some of his works reside in important collections, such as the National Chalcography in Madrid, the Museum of the Spanish Contemporary Engraving in Marbella, the Foundation Palau i Fabre in Barcelona, etc. With an unmistakable style, filled with irony and satire, he plays with all materials at reach.




There are in Pepe Yagües’s works a thousand myths per square millimeter: a jam of gentle, reckless heroes, thin-horned minotaurs, and mazes for libertines.

Every single body is a nook, a meander, a river with more swimmers than Heraclitus—for those who bother to count, as people of all kinds prowl the river banks, from those who wait to watch the corpse of their enemy to pass to those who trust in the arrival of their lovers’ body—; every body is a jumble of muscles and sweat, a tangle of passions and impulses.

And there is the happy medical examiner called Pepe Yagües, who is drawing and punching organisms, acrobats of eroticism and wooden metaphors. Icaruses with faces like hikers, Trojan horses like piñatas, smiling buttocks of even more cheerful and smiling goddesses, a secret garden where promises and desires grow, runaway maids in a fit of intemperance, mazes to assemble and love in their turns, happy phalluses, warriors who have deserted from battle and seek the balm of caresses, satirical and erect satyrs, crescent moons like cots for demigods.

Puns, games of vowels and wires build these new chimeras. They pasture and sin, as both activities feed the body and the soul, with diverse skill and different frenzy.




Goat Soul / Pepe Yagües

A minotaur does not stop being a product of archaic genetic engineering. It is neither a beast nor human, it is both instinctive and rational, it is violent and capable of extreme delicacy when the world is polite to him (so far everything normal). It is a happy intruder in Pepe Yagües’s works.

Assembling Troy, dismantling myths, plucking gods and undressing goddesses. That seems to be Pepe Yagües’s task: to make the tenants of Olympus smile, to recover the inhabitants of the legends so that they continue dwelling in archetypes and arcadias.

There are in Pepe Yagües’s works a thousand myths per square millimeter: a jam of gentle, reckless heroes, thin-horned minotaurs, and mazes for libertines.

A definition that does not tally, although it tallies: “yagüism”. And yagüism is lying and eating, but not a piece of cake, because it is work that requires concentration, repose and slow digestion.

There are objects that, beyond the harmony of its forms and the skill with which they have been made, become talismans which protect their owners from everyday disasters, and from global and local threats. These objects, whose learned definition is apotropaic, shelter from living-room hail, three-piece suite epidemics and, for example, garden tsunamis.

Pepe Yagües’s sculptures are, by inclination and destiny, apotropaic and they form a shield against the adversities of the soul. That square root of two, intercourse on a swing, certainly has protective and hypnotic properties when swinging and observed with jealous curiosity. Here is a goat with soul and cowbell, a goat with gypsy ways and native manners. A goat, I have seen it, that lives under an ancient carob tree in Pepe Yagües’s house, bleats ballads and gambols in old ravines never forgotten by instinct.

Because that carob tree, like all magic trees, has a peephole through which naughty Yagües spies on myths and then maps their transgressions.






1991. Graduate Fine Arts in Technical University of Valencia / Spain



Solo exhibitions

2015/ ” Lieberinth ” ( Eros y Mythos ) – Gallery Atzenhofer / Nuremberg, Germany

2014/ “ From meat and joking “ – Hall from Postigos Arab Wall / Murcia, Spain

2013/ “ The voice of desire “ – Gallery Alba Cabrera / Valencia,  Spain

2012/ “ Buttocks-logia “ – Gallery BAT / Madrid, Spain

2011/ “ The disdain of eden “ – Gallery El Carme / Barcelona, Spain

“ Tailor of dream “ – Gallery VAL I 30 / Valencia, Spain

2010/ “ Lumberjack of dreams “ – Gallery Gomez Turu / Barcelona, Spain

2009/ “ Of the unsaleable love “ – Gallery VAL I 30 / Valencia, Spain

2008/ “ In secular mind “ – Palace of Altea / Alicante, Spain

2006/ “ Of the sex to the sky “ – Gallery La Aurora / Murcia, Spain

2006/ “ High passions “ – Art Center Tomas y Valiente / Madrid, Spain

2005/ “ Craftsman of the desire “ – Gallery Inside / Figueras, Gerona, Spain

2004/ “ Inhabited Horse “ – Castle of Saint Anna / Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Spain

2003/ “ Terrace roof “ – Gallery Senda / Barcelona, Spain

2002/ “ Born to love “ – Gallery Marwan Hoss / Paris, France

2001/ “ Professor in loves “ – Gallery Blanca Soto / Madrid, Spain

2000/ “ Human landscape “ – Gallery Michael Habecker / Weimar, Germany

1999/ “ The Minotaur in his labyrinth “ – Gallery Christopher Tölke / Krefeld, Germany

1998/ “ Eulogy of the love “ – Gallery Marwan Hoss / Paris, France




Collective exhibitions

2015/ ” Indivi – dual ” – University of Murcia / Murcia, Spain

2015/ ” Franco  Dictator Caged ” – The Night of the Museums ” / Blanca, Murcia, Spain

2014/ ” Maid`s of Honor Feminist ” – Historical Museum / Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

2013/ “ Art Madrid “ – Gallery BAT / Madrid, Spain

2012/ “ International Mail Art Exhibition “ / Nyiracsad, Hungary

2012/ “ Art Edition Seul “ / Seul, South Korea

2011/” Art Madrid “ – Gallery La Aurora / Madrid, Spain

2010/ Gallery Zeitweise / Freiburg, Germany

2010/ Gallery Rasch / Düsseldorf , Germany

2009/ “ Cutlog “ – Gallery La Aurora / Paris, France

2008/ “ Estampa Fair Art with Amnesty International “ / Madrid, Spain

2008 / “House Castelví” – Arts Centre Manzana de la Rivera / Asunció, Paraguay

2007/ “ Carte Blanche “ / Maison Folie de Mons, Belgium

2006/ “ ARCO ” – International Contemporary Art Fair / Madrid, Spain

2005/ “ ARCO “ – International Contemporary Art Fair / Madrid, Spain

2004/ “ Art París “ / París, France

2004/ “ ARCO “ – International Contemporary Art Fair / Madrid, Spain

2003/ “ MIART “ / Milan, Italy

2003/ “ARCO“ – International Contemporary Art Fair / Madrid, Spain

2002/ “ Other Maid  Of Honor “ – Telephone Foundation of Spain / Madrid, Spain

2002/ “ARCO“ – International Contemporary Art Fair / Madrid, Spain

2001/ “ARCO“ – International Contemporary Art Fair / Madrid, Spain

2000/ Köln Messe Gallery / Köln, Germany

2000/ “ Art et Cigare “ Gallery Flak / Paris, France

2000/ “ARCO“ / International Contemporary Art Fair / Madrid, Spain

1999/ “ Triennial of Graphic Arts of Hooglede / Belgium

1999/ “FIAC“ – International Contemporary Art Fair / Paris, France

1998/ “ The Art of Healing “ – Traveling exhibition by the United States / EE.UU

1998/ “ Made with the brain “ – Gallery Moze / Turin, Italy




Museums and collections

_ Private Collection of Stephan Kirschbaum / Germany

_ Foundation Palau i Fabre / Barcelona, Spain

_ Birth house of Goya / Fuendetodos, Zaragoza, Spain

_ Foundation Pablo Neruda / Santiago de Chile, Chile

_ Foundation Federico Garcia Lorca / Granada and Madrid, Spain

_ Kustverein Bad Salzdetfurth / Bodenburg, Germany

_ National Postal and Telegraphic Museum / Madrid, Spain

_ Foundation Michelin / Paris, France

_ Foundation Jorge Luis Borjes / Buenos Aires, Argentina

_ United Nations Art Collection / Genéve, Switzland











What envy of his madness…the madness of a newsprint hat. I imagine him addressing the moon as someone who is asking for a coffee in a bar and I suspect that, when nobody is looking at him, he gets into the trunk where the Trojan Horse, full of beautiful naked bodies, is hiding. Little is as it seems in that world made to measure and that he always carries on his back so that the Minotaur that has been accompanying him since he was seventeen does not spill to our world. Yagües takes advantage to release the questions in this ‘Digressing’




Duchamp’s urinal or ‘The Surrender of Breda’?

The Breda’s urinal … although the background of defense of absolute monarchy that Velázquez does makes it more scatological.


A work that you would throw by the said toilet.

‘Artist’s Shit’, by Manzoni.


Should art claim or thrill?

It should claim Emotions.


Why that discredit towards contemporary art?

By the intrusion of the ‘filoidiots’…


Is there in your art more of inspiration or of perspiration?

Hopefully ‘persinspiratión’.




For Oscar Wilde, “In the heyday of art, art critics would not exist”. Do you agree?

Absolutely, since in the heyday of art everyone will have ‘criterion’, the “art critics’ criterion” will be dispensable.


Do you think that fashions in art are legitimate?

Art can be fleeting like fashion…


With one work of yours, do you prefer to get complacency or distress?

It should not sound so bad “to please with pleasure”…


Phrase from ‘Full Metal Jacket’: “You’re so ugly you could be in a museum of Modern Art ”. Any comment?

Works of art, like people, can be ugly but good … that’s what matters.


Has transgression become the norm in the art of today?

No, but it makes more media noise…


Are still there taboos to be broken in art?

I think not, since the range of possibilities in art is already 360 degrees open.




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